6 Things To Consider When Buying Commercial Signs

The right commercial sign has the power to really boost the fortunes of your West Michigan business. But you need the right commercial sign for your business and your purposes. Here are six things to consider when buying commercial signs.

1. How Can You Maximize Visibility With A Commercial Sign?

No matter how wonderfully designed a sign is, it won’t be effective if nobody can see it. Placement is key to maximizing visibility but there are other factors to consider. The two keys to boosting the visibility of a commercial sign are size and illumination. The bigger a sign, the further its range of visibility. Illumination makes commercial signs visible at night, in the rain, in the snow, and in the fog. Indoors, large and illuminated signs can outcompete other visual stimuli.

2. Is The Commercial Sign You Want Durable Enough For Your Intended Use?

Durability won’t affect the efficacy of a sign, but you don’t want to have to buy a new commercial sign every year. Durability is especially important for outdoor signs. You need an outdoor commercial sign able to withstand the harsh West Michigan elements.

3. Commercial Signs Can Range Widely In Cost.

Vinyl window graphics in the shopwindow of your Holland store will cost less than channel letters installed above the window. Cost, however, isn’t the only criteria; if channel letters are going to bring way more business to your Holland store, you should pay extra for them. And don’t forget that durability and cost are tied. A commercial sign might be more expensive initially, but if it lasts longer, you will save money.

4. You Must Ensure Your Commercial Sign Is Not Just Attractive But Also On-brand With The Rest Of Your Signage And Imaging.

It’s not enough for a commercial sign to be attention-grabbing and beautiful. It should use words, fonts, colors, shapes, materials, and graphics that are consistent with the aesthetics of your brand.

5. Where You Install Your Commercial Sign Can Be Just As Important As The Sign You Choose.

Professional and sophisticated architectural signage is great. But if you install it on your Zeeland property in winter, look around. That bare tree right in front of it will be full of leaves come May and then nobody will be able to see it.

6. Your Commercial Signs Must Comply With All Relevant Regulations And Laws.

Outdoors there are zoning restrictions on the size and illumination of commercial signs. Furthermore, all signs should comply with federal and Michigan state ADA laws.


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