Grand Rapids Custom Sandblasted Signs

What are Sandblasted Signs?

By forcing solid particles (e.g., sand) across a surface at high speeds, you can achieve an effect of an even, smooth finish on a sign. It’s like using sandpaper, but with far more force and evenly, avoiding harsh edges and rough corners. Sandblasted signs look professional, sophisticated, and stylish.

Uses for Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted signs make for great commercial signage. Advertise your Grand Rapids business with a sandblasted sign affixed above the entrance. Or use a sandblasted sign inside to denote a certain area of a department store. Sandblasted signs also make for great entrance signs to Grand Rapids townhouse complexes and subdivisions.

Types of Sandblasted Signs

Two popular surfaces of sandblasted signs are cedar and high-density urethane. Cedar is easy to sandblast, resistant to bugs and rot, and highly durable. High-density urethane (HDU) is nearly impervious to insects and temperature and can be easier to access than cedar. HDU takes paint very well and can be made to look just like wood if that’s your preferred aesthetic.

Why Choose us for Sandblasted Signs in Grand Rapids, MI?

While not terribly expensive, sandblasted signs are also not the least expensive signs out there. However, they’re worth every penny, but only if they are designed and manufactured by Grand Rapids signage experts. You can’t afford to have a less-than-reliable sign company make your sandblasted sign.

Benefits of Choosing us for Sandblasted Signs in Grand Rapids, MI

At SIGNS BY D9N DESIGN, we can design, manufacture, and install sandblasted signs for businesses, organizations, and individuals in Grand Rapids.

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