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What are Architectural Signs?

Technically, any sign on a building could be called an architectural sign. However, the term is generally reserved for signs that identify the buildings on which they are installed. There’s a lot of overlap with building signs in this sense, but architectural signs are typically part of a series of signs—or a sign system—that exists on multiple associated buildings.

Uses for Architectural Signs

Architectural signs are used to identify a series of interconnected or related buildings. All campuses have architectural signs. For example, Western Michigan University uses architectural signs on its campus to identify its libraries, lecture halls, and dormitory residences. Business parks and government complexes also use architectural signs.

Types of Architectural Signs

An architectural sign could be a finely engraved plaque, a dimensional or channel letter sign, an acrylic sign, a sandblasted sign, or a metal sign. All of these can be installed on the surface of an exterior wall, but architectural signs can also be installed on monument signs and pylon signs.

Why Choose Us for Architectural Signs in West Michigan?

You want to strike the perfect balance between aesthetic value and durability with your architectural sign. For this, you need design experts who work with high quality materials. You could also benefit from a Jenison sign expert that can suggest the best materials to use.

Benefits of Choosing us for Architectural Signs in West Michigan

At SIGNS BY D9N DESIGN, we can design, manufacture, install, and repair architectural signs for businesses, organizations, and institutions in Jenison.

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