4 Ways To Use Wall Murals

4 Ways To Use Wall Murals

Wall murals can be a highly effective form of wall graphic and they can be effective for multiple purposes. But they require more labor and higher costs than smaller wall graphics, so you must use them right. Here are four suggestions.

1. Use Wall Murals To Brand Spaces And Promote Your Business.

If you walk into a popular computer electronics store and they have their iconic logo embossed on the wall opposite the entrance, you know immediately where you are and you feel all the feelings that brand inspires in you. Wall murals work in much the same way. A large-scale wall mural makes a big statement. If your Grand Rapids business has a lobby, a wall mural will not only identify your business to those who enter, but you can boldly communicate the qualities of your brand with that mural. It’s also a good way to be remembered. Even forgetful people will be able to recall the place with the gigantic wall mural.

2. Use Wall Murals To Create An Atmosphere.

Wallpaper can also be a wall mural. We don’t mean that floral wallpaper in your aunt’s house that’s been yellowing since about 1977. We mean vibrant, vivid, and vivacious digitally printed wallpaper. You can digitally print images and photographs on floor-to-ceiling wallpaper for what amounts to a stunning mural. For example, a Korean restaurant can install wallpaper digitally printed with photographs of Seoul or Busan at night, or of more traditional settings, to set the ultimate Korean ambience in their restaurant.

3. Use Wall Murals To Entertain Your Clients.

If your business markets itself as fun and creative, a playful and colorful wall mural would be fitting and beneficial. This is especially true if your business caters to families and children. And this isn’t just true for stores, restaurants, and arcades. If you’re a dentist in Hudsonville, for example, you probably treat a fair number of children. Dental offices can be scary places for kids. But a colorful and fun wall mural can distract them and put them at ease.

4. Use Wall Murals To Motivate Your Staff.

Wall murals aren’t always targeted towards customers and clients. You can use wall murals to increase productivity and boost team unity. If you manage an office in Grand Rapids, a wall mural will remind your staff of the qualities of your company and push them to work towards your common goals. You can do this using graphics and/or words that convey motivational messages and advocate for teamwork.


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