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What are 3D Signs and Lettering?

Why restrict yourself to two dimensions when you can use all three? Many signs only operate on two-dimensional planes, but 3D signs and lettering explore the third dimension. The added depth of field of 3D lettering and 3D signs will make your Jenison business, organization, or residential complex get noticed.

Uses for 3D Signs and Lettering

3D signs and letters are effective forms of business and building signage. They are also useful promotional and branding tools. 3D signs and 3D lettering allow for more personality and character to be conveyed than on a standard 2D sign.

Types of 3D Signs and Lettering

Effective 3D signs and lettering can be made from one of several different materials. Lightweight options include plexiglass, PVC, and plexiglass on foam. When mass isn’t a concern, you can choose cast-metal or polished brass for a more impactful look.

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Why Choose us for 3D Signs and Lettering in West Michigan?

Which materials should you use for your 3D signs? Should you just use 3D lettering or include 3D graphics as well? Where is the best place on your Jenison building to install it? How much will it cost? At SIGNS BY D9N DESIGN, we can answer all these questions and more as well as design, manufacture, and install your 3D sign and lettering.

Benefits of Choosing us for 3D Signs and Lettering in West Michigan

At SIGNS BY D9N DESIGN, we can design, manufacture, install, and repair 3D signs and lettering for businesses, organizations, and institutions in Jenison.

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