Allendale Custom Channel Letter Signs

What are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letters are custom-made three-dimensional letters for signs. Channel letter signs are illuminated (non-lighted channel letter signs are typically referred to as “dimensional letters”).

Uses for Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs can be used internally or externally but are usually found on the outside of buildings. As an illuminated sign, channel letters generate more impressions because the light catches the eye and they stand out in all weather conditions, including rain, fog, snow, and nighttime.

Types of Channel Letter Signs

Aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and other metals are all popular choices for channel letter signs, as is plastic. Channel letter signs can be mounted directly on to the surface of your Allendale business’s exterior wall or you can mount it on a raceway or wireway that is attached to the building. These are mounting structures. A raceway houses the electrical components of the sign while wireways contain only wiring, and so are thinner than raceways.

Why Choose us for Channel Letter Signs in Allendale, MI?

When dealing with something as customizable as channel letter signs, you can’t afford to trust design and manufacturing to a less than stellar Allendale sign company. You want design experts who know how convey brand identity via channel letter signs and who also have all the right tools and technology to make them.

Benefits of Choosing us for Channel Letter Signs in Allendale, MI

At SIGNS BY D9N DESIGN, we can design, manufacture, install, and repair channel letter signs for businesses, organizations, and individuals in Allendale.

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