5 Popular Exterior Signs for Your West Michigan Business

Exterior Awning Canopy Sign

Exterior signs are often a customer’s first impression of a business. Even doing online research before physically visiting a business, that first in-person view can secure a customer’s confidence. Without outdoor signs, a customer is less likely to trust or understand a company’s brand. Not to mention to even find the building’s location! That is why outdoor signs are key to promoting and selling your business.

Which outdoor sign is right for your West Michigan business? Here are 5 popular options.

1. Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted HDU Exterior Sign

Sandblasted signs look professional while also being stylish. They have an even, smooth finish that is welcoming and they are easy to detail and customize. A popular material for outdoor sandblasted signs is high-density urethane, or HDU. Not only does HDU stand up to the elements, it can be easily painted or made to look like wood grain.

2. Monument Signs

Monument signs are grounded standalone structures that are typically utilized when a business has a large yard or parking lot between them and the closest road. They increase your visibility by bringing your brand closer to passing traffic. Monument signs are often designed with a range of materials and textures.

Exterior Monument Sign

There are a couple variations of monument signs.

Pylon signs are essentially narrower monument signs elevated by poles, gaining a height advantage over other signs.

Tenant signs are used when there are multiple commercial spaces on one property. Each business has their own space to promote their brand.

3. Electronic Messaging Boards

A lot of monument and pylon signs incorporate digital messaging into their design. Besides commercial businesses, electronic message displays are a popular choice for churches and schools. The digital display offers the chance for organizations to connect more with their community by changing their message as often as they want. Electronic messaging boards are an effective way to showcase an event, sale, or even just a catchy phrase to get passerby’s notice.

4. Blade Signs

Exterior Blade or Projecting Sign

Thinking about the angle people will be looking at your business is important. On a busy street with a sidewalk, most people probably aren’t going to be looking at your business head on.

A blade sign, also called a projecting sign, sticks out from your building perpendicularly and since they are typically double-sided signs, your business is displayed in two opposite directions. Illumination is another option for blade signs to increase the visibility at night and during rain or snow.

5. Channel Letters

Exterior Channel Letters

Another illuminated option for exterior signs is channel letters. The font and colors you choose can evoke the qualities of your brand and because channel letters are three dimensional, they speak to those qualities even louder. Channel letters are simple: they spell out the name of your business. Being three dimensional and illuminated, your business name is sure to stand out, even from a distance.

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