Grand Rapids Custom Blade Signs

Vertical BannersWhat are Blade Signs?

Blade Signs are promotional or identification signs that are affixed perpendicularly to the facade of a building. This allows parallel traffic to notice your business from any direction.

Uses for Blade Signs

Depending upon the location and orientation of your Grand Rapids business, a sign installed onto the face of your business might not be enough to maximize visibility. You want your business to be visible from all angles. Somebody walking or driving parallel to your business might not notice a storefront sign. But a blade side that extends out with a perpendicular sign panel greatly enhances your Grand Rapids business’s visibility.

Types of Blade Signs

Blade signs are almost always double-sided, so they can be seen by drivers and pedestrians coming from either direction. They can be illuminated to generate more views and increase invisibility at night or when it’s raining or snowing. Blade signs are also called “projecting signs”.

Why Choose Us for Blade Signs in Grand Rapids, MI?

Does it make sense for your Grand Rapids business to pay a little extra for an illuminated blade sign? What materials are best to maximize attractiveness while maintaining good durability? What are some ways you can make your blade sign consistent with the rest of your business’s imaging? SIGNS BY D9N DESIGN can answer all your questions about blade signs, design them, make them, and install them.

Benefits of Choosing us for Blade Signs in Grand Rapids, MI

At SIGNS BY D9N DESIGN, we can design, manufacture, install, and repair blade signs for businesses and organizations in Grand Rapids.

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