Why Your Work Vehicle Needs A Fleet Wrap Or Graphic

For many businesses in West Michigan, a fleet wrap is the single most cost-effective form of marketing and promotion they can use. Here is why your work vehicle needs a fleet wrap or graphic.

How fleet Wraps And Graphics Work

A vehicle graphic is pretty much what it sounds like: a graphic installed on a vehicle. The graphic can be installed on a side door, on the trunk, or on the hood. A vehicle graphic is most often the logo of a business. A vehicle graphic could also be an eye-catching image and can include information such as a business’s name, telephone number, web address, slogan, and more.

Sometimes, a graphic that fits on the side of your car door isn’t enough, though. Sometimes you need a bigger graphic. A graphic so big that it appears on multiple sides of your vehicle and thus wraps around it. That would be a fleet wrap. fleet wraps are large scale vehicle graphics, and they generate more impressions because they are larger and can be seen from multiple angles.

The Benefits Of  fleet Wraps And Graphics

Imagine a plumber in Grandville, Michigan. Plumbers work at different jobsites every day, and sometimes multiple times. That means on Monday this plumber could have a job across town in Grandville, on Tuesday they have to drive to Grand Rapids, and on Wednesday they might have job in Holland and then another in Zeeland. That’s a lot of time spent driving. Without a fleet wrap or graphic, that’s just time lost commuting and money lost on gas. But with a fleet wrap or graphic, that becomes time spent promoting your business.

Whether you’re stuck in traffic in Grand Rapids, driving between Holland and Zeeland, or just parked on any street, your fleet wrap will generate impressions everywhere you go. That can add up to thousands of impressions every day. Think of how much money you would have to spend on a TV or radio ad that reaches thousands of people every day. And then think about how much extra you would have to spend to keep that commercial airing. But you only have to pay for a fleet wrap once. You’re going to be driving around all the time anyway, so why not turn that time into something more productive and promote your business?


At SIGNS BY D9N DESIGN, we can design, manufacture, and install eye-catching and durable fleet wraps and graphics for clients in Allendale, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Zeeland, or anywhere nearby in West Michigan. We can even install fleet wraps and graphics on entire fleets of vehicles. To learn more, please contact us.


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