6 Ideas For Indoor Business Signs

6 Ideas For Indoor Business Signs

The signs you put inside your West Michigan business are important. You need them to generate as many impressions as possible while representing your brand accordingly. Here are six ideas for indoor business signs.

1. Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are inexpensive but, when designed properly, they look professional and sophisticated. They replicate the classy look of glass without the large expense or hefty weight. Acrylic signs can communicate that your business is professional and trustworthy or creative and fun. It all depends on how they’re designed. These indoor business signs can look as at home in a bank lobby in Jenison or a salon in Hudsonville.

2. Floor Graphics

Speaking of lobbies, floor graphics are an excellent choice for an indoor business sign in lobbies. Because lobbies often have an open space in the middle of the floor, floor graphics are a natural fit. That Jenison business can successfully brand their lobby by installing their logo as a floor graphic. Floor graphics are also good for safety signage, COVID-19 physical distancing signage, for motivating the Hudsonville high school basketball team in their locker room, and more.

3. Ceiling Graphics

Floor graphics are great but not every floor and not every layout allows for floor graphics. Ceiling graphics, however, often offer excellent visibility and can perform the same function as floor graphics.

4. Wall Murals

Wall graphics are similar indoor business signs to floor and ceiling graphics. However, a wall mural can go the extra mile. If you manage an office or business in Jenison, installing a wall mural displaying your business’s logo along with images or phrases that echo your business’s values can promote unity among your staff and motivate them to work towards a common goal.

5. Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs, sometimes called box signs, are some of the most visible indoor business signs. Cabinet signs consist of (a usually) rectangular box, or cabinet, that houses a light fixture. The light sits behind a sign panel which it illuminates. By installing a cabinet sign in your Hudsonville business, you’re installing a sign that can outcompete all the other visual stimuli.

6. ADA Signs

No matter what indoor sign you choose, all your business signs must comply with all the relevant federal and Michigan state ADA laws that apply to your business. A local sign business can help you figure out which ADA criteria apply to you and how to meet those criteria.


At SIGNS BY D9N DESIGN, we can design, manufacture, and install all the indoor busines signs mentioned in this article and more. If you’re in Jenison, Hudsonville, or anywhere nearby, and would like to learn more about your indoor business sign options, please contact us.


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