What Are Promotional Signs?

What Are Promotional Signs?

Promotional signs are any signs that are used to promote something. They can promote a business, an organization, a subdivision, a festival, a conference, a sale, or anything else. What signs are the best for promoting something?

How Do You Design An Effective Promotional Sign?

Promotional signs need to do a few things to be effective. First, they need to grab people’s attention. If nobody notices your promotional sign, then whatever it is you’re promoting is unlikely to succeed. Your promotional sign needs to be large enough to be seen by people relatively far away. And your promotional sign needs to be bright, either via illumination or coloring. But there are limits to what you can do here. For example, a sign that’s bright pink and purple is probably noticeable, but it’s not exactly appropriate if you’re promoting a funeral home. And this brings us to the second point.

Promotional Signs Must Be Custom Designed To Suit What They Are Promoting.

It’s easy to make a sign that’s eye-catching, but it must get people’s attention in the right way. Good promotional signs look professional and more than that, they look like the business they’re promoting. If a Grand Rapids retail store’s primary colors are blue and gold, then it makes no sense to make signs promoting a summer sale that are red and silver. Your promotional signs need to be on-brand. Good sign designers can design promotional signs that evoke the qualities of your West Michigan brand, whether those qualities are professionalism, cutting-edge technology, family fun, or anything else.

What Are Some Signs That Can Be Used To Effectively Promote Businesses Or Events?

You have many choices when it comes to signs that can be used for promotion. For outdoors, consider signs such as:

  • Blade signs are great for promoting businesses on busy streets.
  • Digital and LED signs are bright and great for promotional signs that need to display a lot of information.
  • Vertical signs are great for identifying businesses and buildings when space is tight.
  • fleet wraps are excellent mobile promotional signs.
  • And more!

There are times when you need to promote things indoors, as well, like a sale in a store or a daily special. Some indoor promotional signs to consider are:

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