6 Outdoor Signs That Are Great For Identifying Businesses

6 Outdoor Signs That Are Great For Identifying Businesses

Outdoor signs are, in some respects, the most important signs, because they are so often used to identify and promote businesses. What outdoor sign is right for your West Michigan business? Here are six options.

1. Blade Signs

You need to think about from what angle people will be looking at your business. On a busy street with a sidewalk, most people probably aren’t going to be looking at your business head on. If your business is on the west side of a street, people will be walking, cycling, and driving past you going north or south. They might not turn their head to look at your business straight on. A blade sign, also called a projecting sign, sticks out from your building perpendicularly and displays a sign panel in two opposite directions. With a blade sign, that business on the west side of the street will be seen by people traveling north and south.

2. Channel Letters

Channel letters are simple: they spell out the name of your business. The font and colors you choose can evoke the qualities of your brand and because channel letters are three dimensional, they speak to those qualities even louder. The best part is that channel letters are illuminated, so they can be seen from great distances as well as at night and in the snow or rain.

3. Monument Signs

Monument signs increase the visibility of your business by bringing you closer to people. Some businesses have a large parking lot or yard between them and the nearest road or highway. If you’re far away from the road, people won’t notice you as they zip by. A monument sign right next to the road ensures that you will be noticed.

4. Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are essentially the same as monument signs, but whereas monument signs are typically wider than they are tall, pylon signs are taller and narrower.

5. Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted signs look professional, classy, and stylish. They have an even, smooth finish that is welcoming and they are easy to detail and customize.

6. Vertical Signs

Sometimes you don’t have a spacious, wide storefront. If your business is in an urban area with little space, consider orienting a large sign vertically.

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