Order Custom Blade Signs: Cut Through Michigan’s Crowded Signscape

Order Custom Blade Signs: Cut Through Michigan’s Crowded Signscape

When you need to cut through visual clutter and carve out a clear brand image, blade signs are a great choice. To help you shop smart, today’s post highlights 6 reasons why blade signs, known also as “hanging signs” and “projecting signs,” are such a popular option for branding in busy local signscapes.

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The Benefits Of Blade Signs: Cut Through Visual Clutter In West Michigan

Along with the dizzying growth in the number of products on store shelves, there has been a dramatic increase in the volume of signage in West Michigan over the past few years.

And while that does suggest business is booming in West Michigan, it also means your signs need to be that much better in order to stand out in crowded signscapes. But don’t worry—with Signs by D9N Design, creating standout signage is easier than ever.

When you need to cut through visual clutter and carve out a clear visual niche, blade signs are a fantastic choice, offering:

  • Vertical visibility—Blade signs are typically mounted well above eye-level, so there is no risk of obstruction from passing crowds or vehicles, and they’re easy to spot from far away.
  • Double-sided promotional power—Most blade signs are designed to be double-sided, so you can target audiences approaching from two directions at once.
  • Additional viewing angles—Because blade signs project from your storefront, they can be seen by audiences walking parallel to your business. Without a projecting sign, these viewers would only have a brief window of opportunity to spot your storefront as they walk past it, leaving no time to consider your products or plan a stop.
  • Illumination options—Whether or not your business operates at nighttime, lighting up your blade sign will greatly increase your sign conspicuity, legibility, and branding impact.
  • Limitless customization—Blade signs are available in any size, shape, color, or cut, and our in-house graphics team offers blade sign templates, flawless color matching, and custom design services to fulfill any vision.
  • Branding benefits—Blade signs are a classic sign option that has been used since the days of antiquity to advertise products and services on-offer. This makes them a great choice for businesses with a rustic, timeless, or artisanal brand character, and our blade signs are equally at home promoting modern gastropubs, hot yoga studios, and old timey blacksmith shops.

Order Custom Blade Signs In West Michigan: Get A Free Quote

Signs by D9N Design is West Michigan’s one-stop shop for custom blade sign solutions. Our catalog includes all of the most popular blade sign options, including:

  • Sandblasted panel signs made from high-density urethane (HDU)
  • Box cabinet signs
  • Aluminum blade signs
  • Illuminated blade signs
  • Swinging blade signs
  • 3D blade signs, and more!

Whatever you choose, we guarantee complete customization and full support with every step of your sign order, including:

  • Blade sign design
  • Blade sign manufacturing
  • Blade sign permitting support
  • Blade sign installation
  • Blade sign maintenance, and more

To begin your custom blade sign order and get a free quote on any project, you can:


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