Book The Best Sign Installers Near You: Top-5 Quality Indicators

Book the Best Sign Installers Near You: Top-5 Quality Indicators

Without the right sign installers, even stunning sign designs will fall flat and underperform, to say nothing of the risks of fines and added liabilities.

But if you live in West Michigan, qualified sign installers are only a phone call away—just dial 1-888-992-1688 to start a free consultation with our team, and find out why so many business owners entrust their #1 marketing assets to us.

Not from West Michigan? Not a problem! We still want to help. Read on to 5 quality indicators you can use to separate the wheat from the chaff and find the best sign installers in your area.

Signs Of Success: 5 Things To Expect From Quality Sign Installers

1.    The Best Sign Installers Offer Full-Service Support

The best sign installers do it all, providing full support with every step of your sign order, from the initial needs assessment and ideation to the final delivery and installation.

This not only saves time and money that would otherwise be spent contacting multiple shops, but also gets you:

  • Zero risk of delivery delays or supply chain issues with parts and materials
  • More opportunities for bundling discounts on sign products and services
  • Speedier sign results, as we move seamlessly from manufacturing to installation
  • Better communication and project management, as you control the entire team from a single point of contact

2.    The Best Sign Installers Know Local Sign Code

Did you know that almost all sign types, both permanent and temporary, must meet strict installation standards?

For example, according to Section 22 of the Allendale Township Zoning Ordinance:

  • All sign installation requires permits. A sign permit is required for the erection, construction, or alteration of any sign exceeding twenty (20) square feet. Sign permits are also required for all temporary signs unless specifically exempted by this section 22.16. (22.10).
  • All sign installations require seamless architectural integration: All signs shall be integrated with building and landscape design, and shall be erected on a base that conceals any supporting poles, posts or braces (22.05)
  • Illuminated sign installations must be free from light spill. All sign illumination shall be accomplished in a manner that prevents intense glare or brilliant rays of light from being directed at any street or at any adjoining property. (22.06)
  • All sign installations must be weather-ready. The construction of any sign shall be such that it will withstand all wind and vibration forces which can be normally expected to occur in the vicinity. (22.08)
  • Setback, height, and sign calculations must meet freestanding sign installation standards. These standards can be found in Table 1, Article 22-11 of the Allendale Township Zoning Ordinance.

Book the Best Sign Installers Near You: Top-5 Quality Indicators

Failing to meet these sign installation standards could result in fines, liability, and unwanted remediation costs, but don’t worry: our sign installers offer full permitting support, and we keep all designs 100% compliant with local sign code from the very beginning, so you never have to worry about paying penalties or backtracking.

3.    The Best Sign Installers Have Strong Portfolios

In the Internet Age, when everyone walks around with an internet-enabled camera in their pocket, every sign installer worth their salt will have a portfolio for you to browse before you buy, whether it’s on their website or on social media.

4.    The Best Sign Installers Work With All Sign Products

Even if you only intend to order one type of sign, it’s a good idea to find sign installers with multiple signage selections, as this shows the breadth of their expertise, and gives you options for expansion in the future.

5.    The Best Sign Installers Offer 100% Free Quotes

If your sign installer is charging you for a quote, consultation, or site survey, run! This is a major red flag. Qualified sign installers will provide preliminary information to help you make a good decision at no charge—it only takes a few minutes to quote a client, and real pros trust their skills to pay the bills without the need for silly surcharges!

Installation is an integral part of our process at Signs by D9N Design. The care we give our high-quality signs doesn’t end once the custom designs and fabrication are complete for our West Michigan clients! To get a free quote, or learn about any of our other services and products, you can call 1-888-992-1688 or request a consultation via our website.


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