How To Get The Most Out Of Your Business Signs

Business signs can be just about any kind of sign. There are signs to identify businesses, signs to brand spaces, signs to help people navigate businesses, and more. Here’s how to get the most out of your business signs.

What Business Signs Will Get You Noticed?

Unless your West Michigan business is located in a mall or office building, there is probably an exterior to your business. As such, you need to identify your business to the outside world. Such signs serve multiple purposes. One, the sign has to identify your business so people looking for you can find you. Second, the sign should promote your business so people who are not looking for your business will notice your sign and be intrigued to come inside. Lastly, this sign should identify and promote your business in such a way that is on-brand with the core qualities and aesthetics of your business.

The type of sign you choose for this is important as is its design. But placement is just as important. A professional sign company can advise you on where to install this sign so that it can generate the most views and whether illuminating your sign would be a worthwhile addition. Some business identification signs to consider include:

Are Your Business Signs Consistent?

It’s best if all your business signs, from the monument sign in front of your business to the restroom sign inside, all have a similar look. Of course, these signs will be different sizes, convey different messages, and use different materials, but some consistency is key. Repeatedly using the same fonts, color schemes, and detailing will present a strong and coherent aesthetic. This is important for communicating the qualities of your brand. Signs by D9N Design can help create a coherent and on-brand sign system for your West Michigan business.

ADA Compliance Is Important For Business Signs.

Certain business signs must comply with all relevant federal and Michigan state ADA laws. This means they have to be designed so that even people with visual disabilities can read them. Without ADA signs, you won’t be able to serve all your potential customers and you could receive a hefty fine.

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