5 Underrated Indoor Signs

5 Underrated Indoor Signs

Indoor signs might not be as big and bright as the signs you have outside that you use to identify your West Michigan business, but they’re still quite important. Here are five underrated indoor signs to consider for your West Michigan business or property.

1. Engraved Signs

Engraved signs are a classic but sometimes we might underestimate the effect they can have. An office in Jenison, MI, might have engraved signs on the doors indicating whose office each one is, but what does that really mean? It means professionalism. It means sophistication, reliability, and commitment. Small engraved plaques are not expensive nor do they look particularly grand or ornate, but something about the simple act of carving a name into something conveys permanence and authority. It’s like carving something into stone. Engraved signs are understated and cost-effective indoor signs.

2. Floor Graphics

Not enough business owners and property managers realize the potential of floor graphics. Floor graphics are great indoor signs because they’re always visible; just look down and the graphics are there. You can use floor graphics to brand a space, such as a lobby, to provide wayfinding information, and more. Signs by D9N Design uses only high-quality adhesives and vinyl so your floor graphics won’t damage your floor nor will they scuff or peel away easily.

3. Ceiling Graphics

Maybe the furniture layout or the type of floors you have in your business won’t allow for floor graphics. Well, how about ceiling graphics? Everybody will notice ceiling graphics as soon as they step into your space. Ceiling graphics are effective indoor signs for all the same reasons that floor graphics are.

4. Wall Murals

Wall murals are great for a number of uses. You can use a wall mural to motivate and promote team unity in your Grandville office. Your company’s logo along with motivational slogans can create a positive atmosphere. Or you can use a wall mural to provide decoration in your Grand Rapids bar or restaurant and make it stand out.

5. Elevator Graphics

Elevator graphics are simple but can be very effective. Afterall, you have a captive audience in your elevator. Use graphics to brand the space and promote your business or for advertising. For example, a hotel in Grand Rapids can use elevator graphics to promote the restaurant on the ground floor.

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