How A Sign Expert Can Help Your Allendale Business

How A Sign Expert Can Help Your Allendale Business

A sign expert can help businesses, organizations, and institutions in Allendale, Michigan, in several ways. All of which have to do with signage, of course, but you might be surprised how they can help, nonetheless.

A Sign Expert Can Evaluate The Signage Of Your Allendale, MI, Business.

Some signs simply identify or give directions to basic, but important places, such as bathrooms and elevators. But even these signs can do more than just say, “Restroom”. Every sign, from a grandiose pylon sign that identifies your Allendale business to everybody in a 2-mile radius, to a small, engraved sign inside that indicates the reception desk, is a form of promotion. A sign expert can point out how your current signage could be improved to better promote your Allendale business. A sign expert can audit sign criteria such as:

  • Sign Condition
    You might think your current signs are all in pretty good condition. But a sign expert might spot flaws that you haven’t noticed. Even small flaws, from peeling paint to tiny bits of rust, can register, even subconsciously, with people and result in a negative opinion of your business. A sign expert can suggest signs that should be replaced or explain how to repair them.
  • Sign Placement
    Maybe your signs are in good condition, but if they’re installed poorly, they won’t be very effective. Maybe you never looked at your monument sign from a certain angle, but a sign expert can point out that, to everybody driving from a certain direction, your monument sign is obscured by a shrub.
  • Sign Inconsistencies
    Maybe your signs all look good and are all well-placed. But no sign is an island. All your signage should work together as cohesive sign system. If your blade sign outside uses a light blue background and all your indoor signage uses a yellow background, that’s no good. If the font on your storefront sign is sans-serif but you’re using comic sans on your menu boards, that just comes off as messy and disorganized. Again, these types of low-level inconsistencies often affect people subconsciously. It’s rare that anybody other than a sign expert can identify and articulate them.

A Sign Expert In Allendale Can Ensure Your Business Complies With All Allendale And Michigan Laws And Regulations.

Allendale, like most municipalities in West Michigan, has regulations on the size and brightness of outdoor signs. An Allendale sign expert knows how to apply for the right permits for your signage. Furthermore, an Allendale sign expert can ensure your signage complies with all relevant Michigan state and federal ADA laws.


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