Budget-Friendly Options to Refresh your West Michigan Business Signage

With the holidays right around the corner, many local business’ need to stand out from the big commercial stores. Last week’s blog was all about updating your entire business look with an eye-catching new monument sign, but maybe your budget isn’t quite ready for that step.

At Signs by D9N Design, we offer many sign options to help freshen up your business while keeping your budget in mind. Here are just a few!

Reface the Existing Signage

Is the foundation of your current monument or frame still in great condition, but your sign just feels outdated? A sign panel reface is a cost-effective, yet dramatic way to refresh the look of your business. In the example below, you can see how we were able to change the entire look of a tenant sign by replacing the old, yellowed panels with more modern versions. To complete the look, the sign frame got a fresh coat of paint to make the new sign panels stand out. 

Storefront Building Sign Option

If there isn’t a monument sign to reface, there may be the issue that one simply won’t work for your budget or property. There is another option to completely renew your business with a customized sign. Storefront signs are the comparable alternative to monuments with still attaining that custom look. They can be as simple as a flat sign panel with graphics or more elaborate with 3D channel letters. Because storefront signs are both single-sided and wall-mounted, the sign’s support can be the building itself.  

Refreshing Window Signs

Are your current window graphics peeling, cracking, or fading? Those worn-out window decals can cause potential clients to see right past (or through!) your business. Refreshing your window graphics can be a simple, yet effective way to elevate your storefront. Whether you just need the informational door decals updated or a full window sign, Signs by D9N Design can help.  With our high-quality vinyl graphics, your window signs will be long-lasting and durable. Click here to read more about the various vinyl options we offer to get your business’ window graphics refreshed!


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