6 Outdoor Signs That Can Benefit Businesses In West Michigan

How can you use outdoor signage to identify, promote, and brand your business in West Michigan? Here are six outdoor business signs that can help your West Michigan business.

1. Channel letter signs

If you own a large retail store in Grand Rapids, for example, displaying the name of your store on the front and/or side of your building with channel letters has several advantages. First, they’re illuminated, so people will see them at night and in the rain or snow. Second, the 3D letters allow for more creativity in the design to subtly communicate the qualities of your Grand Rapids brand.

2. Blade Signs

If instead of a large store in a mall-like area, your Grand Rapids business is smaller and on a busy street, a blade sign is best. Let’s say you own a café in downtown Grand Rapids on a street with busy sidewalks. A blade sign projects from the front of your building and displays sign panels in both directions. This way, if your Grand Rapids business is on the east side of the street, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists coming from the north or south will be able to easily notice your business.

3. Monument Signs

The best outdoor sign for your business in West Michigan depends on geography. Instead of a small café in downtown Grand Rapids, let’s say you manage a coffee shop with a large parking lot in Grandville. With the parking lot in between the road and your shop, people might drive right past and not notice you. A monument sign located closer to the road displaying the name of your business would be more effective.

4. Pylon Signs

A pylon sign serves the same function as a monument sign. However, if your Grandville coffee shop wants a sign that’s taller than it is wide, then a pylon sign is better than a monument sign.

5. Address Signs

Let’s not forget less-heralded signs. Even a functional sign like an address sign presents a promotional opportunity. If the address sign on the outside of your Hudsonville business uses the same font and colors as the rest of your signage, then your brand will stand out in the minds of potential customers.

6. Window Graphics And Signs

While technically inside, window graphics and signs project outwards. A well-designed window graphic in the storefront window of your Hudsonville business will both identify your store and attract people inside.


At SIGNS BY D9N DESIGN, we can design, manufacture, and install outdoor business signs for clients in Grand Rapids, Grandville, Hudsonville, and anywhere else in West Michigan near our Allendale headquarters. To learn more about our services, please contact us via our website or call 1-888-992-1688.


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