Illuminated Business Signs

Make your business signage a source of light to brighten up the darkness of winter!

There are various ways to approach illuminated business signs. The style of lighting is determined by factors of aesthetic, design, material, and location of your business signage. External illumination is when a separate light source shines onto the sign and its surroundings. The light source can be discretely hidden or purposefully visible. Having illumination independent from the main sign’s fabrication, while also being integrated into the sign design is an easy and cost-effective way to highlight your business. While external illumination is a great feature to have included on your sign, sometimes the best way to emphasize your business is by using internal illumination. Internally lit signs mainly come in the form of cabinet boxes or channel letters.

LED Illuminated Cabinet Signs

Illuminated Monument Cabinet Box Sign

LED cabinet signs can be a simple way to have internal illumination for your business sign. Cabinet box signs used with semi-transparent panels give your sign a diffused even glow, that will catch your customers attention during the dimmer months. Cabinet boxes are ideal to use for tenant and other property management signs. When you have a quality, lasting cabinet box  or need to only update your existing panels, SIGNS BY D9N DESIGN can help you with simple and cost effective solutions.

Because the graphics are added to the sign panel inserts, elements such as color, font, or design are all customizable. Most cabinet boxes are constructed from aluminum due to its durable, yet light-weight qualities. Aluminum can also give a sturdy structural base for added design elements. Optional punch-through style sign fronts can also be utilized with a cabinet box to spotlight the internally lit portion of your sign.

Punch-through style illuminated cabinet box sign











Illuminated Channel Letters

Like punch-through faced signs, front-lit channel letters bring the focus to only the sections that are illuminated. The face of each individual letter is internally lit with LEDs emphasizing the name or logo of your business.

Illuminated channel letter style sign

To make your face-lit channel letters even more dramatic, you can include back-lit illumination within your sign design as well. Back-lit, also known as halo lit dimensional letters will add a subtle glow to your signage. Halo illumination can highlight just the name of your business, or it can provide deeper dimensional effects to your logo. Channel letters will make your sign look more integrated with its surrounding structure, giving your business an established, professional look.


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Illuminated Business Sign

Now that the holiday season is ending and the strands of twinkling lights are being taken down, any hint of luminosity is welcome when dealing with West Michigan’s cloudy winter weather.

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