“Should I Hire A Sign Company Near Me?”

"Should I Hire A Sign Company Near Me?"

“Do I need a sign company near me?” It’s a question with two parts. Do you need the services of a sign company? And should that sign company be near you in West Michigan? Let’s examine them.

“Do I Need The Services Of Sign Company?”

This question often has a straightforward answer. If you just opened a new restaurant in Jenison and you want a channel letter sign to display your name, then you obviously need to hire a sign company. If you manage a Grand Rapids office for a company that has just rebranded, you will need a sign company to make a new sign panel for your monument sign out front. If you need a sign, you need a sign company too; that’s obvious. What isn’t always obvious is how a sign company can solve some problems for you.

“How Can A Sign Company Help My Business?”

Let’s say you run a boutique store on a busy street in Grand Rapids and business has been down the past couple of years. The street you’re on has also been changing; new businesses opening up, new buildings have been constructed. Maybe your little store is being outcompeted? Possibly. But consider that when you change the makeup of a street, you change sightlines and different items draw more attention. The problem could as simple as one of visibility; people simply don’t notice you anymore.

What’s the remedy for this? An expensive TV ad campaign? Maybe. But a sign company can offer a cheaper and probably more effective solution. A blade sign. Blade signs project outward from the façade of your store and display sign panels in two opposite directions. This means that if you’re on the east side of the street, people walking, cycling, or driving north or south will see your blade sign and notice your store. And the next thing you know, business is up!

“Why Do I Need A Sign Company Near Me?”

There are numerous reasons why you want to hire a sign company that’s a short drive from you. For one, you will get your signage quicker if it doesn’t have to be shipped across the Pacific Ocean. Second, a local sign company can actually install signs for you. How is that Jenison restaurant supposed to install and wire a channel letter sign on their own? Furthermore, a sign company near you in West Michigan knows what works in West Michigan and they’re aware of all the relevant ADA laws.


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