Your Reception Sign Options

Your Reception Sign Options

The reception area of your West Michigan business helps to define your relationship with your customers and clients. You need the right signage to set the right tone. Here are your reception sign options.

Choosing A Reception Sign For Your West Michigan Business.

The right reception sign or reception signs for your business depends on several factors. First is the size of your reception area. The reception desk in a large lobby in a Grand Rapids hotel will require a different reception sign than that of a small reception area at clinic in Jenison. In a large lobby, you’ll need a large reception sign to be visible to everybody. Furthermore, if your business, clinic, or whatever is any an area that’s shared with other businesses, such as in a mall or office building, you’ll need your reception sign to identify your business for people who might wander in to brand your lobby or reception area.

Acrylic Signs Make For Classy And Professional Reception Signs.

Acrylic signs are versatile. They can be designed to communicate how luxurious and stately that Grand Rapids hotel is or to accentuate that hotel’s playfulness and sense of whimsy. Acrylic signs have the sophisticated look of glass signs, but they’re lighter, which makes them easier to install, they won’t shatter should they fall, and they’re significantly less expensive. Use an acrylic sign to identify a reception desk, to brand your reception area with the name and/or logo of your West Michigan business, or both!

Ceiling And Floor Graphics Are Excellent For Branding Reception Areas.

If your business is new or in a place where it could possibly be confused for something else, you want to go all out to brand your reception area. Ceiling and floor graphics are perfect for that. Emblazon your business’s name and/or logo on the ceiling or floor of your reception area and reinforce the strong identity of your brand. Floor graphics are also useful for providing direction information to your reception if you manage a large building.

Sometimes Small And Simple Does The Job Nicely.

Sometimes all you need is a small sign on your reception desk that says, “Reception”. Or you can use such a sign in addition to your other reception signs. If that clinic in Jenison is relatively small, a prism block with the word “Reception” engraved on it placed on the desk is an elegant yet inexpensive way to identify the reception.


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