When Are Digital Signs Valuable?

When Are Digital Signs Valuable?

Learn about digital signs, how they work, why the typically generate more views than analog signs, and when they’re valuable to commission and install.

What Are Digital Signs?

Digital signs are a type of lighted sign. Instead of using a light fixture to illuminate a static sign, digital signs utilize computer programming to display messages and graphics on a sign panel. A digital sign might utilize an LED or LCD screen, or it can use an LED panel.

LED panels are perhaps more common, especially outdoors. They’re comprised of many individual LED bulbs. LEDs are technologically advanced light bulbs. They’re far more efficient than incandescent bulbs, so they’re cheaper to use and they’re better for the environment. They also last a long time. Twenty years ago, LEDs had an unpleasant bluish hue, but this is no longer the case.

Programming Your Digital Sign

You can program an LED panel to light up different bulbs in a sequence. Such a sequence can display text, including full sentences and slogans. You can also program a sequence that displays graphics and logos. One great benefit of an LED sign is that you can program it to cycle through two or more “pages” of messages, changing every five to ten seconds or so. This not only allows you to communicate much more information that you could on a static sign, it also generates the perception of movement, and this can be key.

The Benefits Of Digital Movement

While it’s important that any text remains static long enough, or scrolls slowly enough, that people can read it, this scrolling is an advantage. Whether you want to display text or graphics, if they move, they’ll catch people’s attention. The human eye has evolved to pay attention to movement, so a sign that moves will often generate more impressions than a sign that doesn’t.

The Benefits Of Illumination

Digital signs are also illuminated. This is another benefit because lighted signs generate more impressions than non-lighted signs. Bright signs can outcompete other visual stimuli and have a greater range of visibility. Furthermore, lighted signs are even more visible at night and in the rain, fog, and snow.

The Cost-Effectiveness Of Digital Signs

Digital signs cost more than other signs of the same size, but you can get your money’s worth. Installed in the right place, a digital sign will generate many more impressions. This increases your chances of attracting new customers.

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