Are LED Signs Worth It?

Are LED Signs Worth It?

In many respects, LED signs are the acme of sign technology, but are these advanced and impressive visual tools effective enough to justify the investment?

What Are LED Signs?

Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are a type of lightbulb. They are probably the overall best light source for illuminating signage. LED signs are great for identifying businesses, branding interior and exterior spaces, and promoting and advertising products and services. LEDs can be used in channel letter signscabinet signs, and many other lighted signs. An LED board has dozens, or even hundreds, of individual LEDs that can light up in sequences to display text, graphics, and even generate the appearance of movement.

How Much Do LED Signs Cost?

The cost of your LED sign depends on the type of sign you want, its size, and where you want to install it. Generally speaking, though, LED signs require significant investment. They are comparatively some of the most expensive types of signage. However, in comparison to most common business expenditures, LED signs aren’t particularly expensive at all.

That’s why LED signs are usually used to identify and promote businesses or for other important purposes. It would be odd to use an LED sign for purely functional purposes, such as identifying restrooms, for example. When thinking about an LED sign as a sign option, it’s one of the costlier options. But when you think of an LED sign as what it really is—a powerful promotional tool—it seems far less expensive than other marketing options, such as radio and television ads.

LEDs Offer Greater Visibility.

LED signs are easier to see than non-illuminated signs. Outdoors, people can see them from far away, and while other signs are harder to see at night and in inclement weather, LED signs can actually become even more visible in these conditions. They’re easy to see at night and in the rain, snow, and fog.

LED Signs Are Easy To Notice.

LED signs are more noticeable than many other visual stimuli, both in interior and exterior settings. This is especially true if you program an LED board with a sequence of lighted individual LEDs such that they mimic movement. Our eyes are attracted to movement, so any sign that looks like it’s moving can really grab our attention.

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