Are Digital Signs Worth The Extra Investment?

Are Digital Signs Worth The Extra Investment?

Digital signs are, in many respects, the acme of sign technology. As such, they tend to cost more than most other signs. Will a digital sign be worth the extra investment for your West Michigan business or organization?

What Exactly Are Digital Signs?

Digital signs use digital programming to display messages and graphics on a sign panel. This can be done with an LED or LCD screen, or more commonly for outdoor signs, an LED panel. These panels are made up of many individual LED bulbs. LED stands for “light-emitting diode”. These are the height of lightbulb technology. LEDs are far more efficient than incandescent bulbs, so they’ll save you money on electricity (and they’re better for the environment). LEDs don’t have the unpleasant blueish hue of fluorescent lights and they last much longer than neon lights.

These LED panels are digitally programmed to light up different bulbs in a sequence. By lighting up bulbs in a certain pattern, you can display a letter, and so you can display words, and so you can display full sentences and slogans. They can also be used to render graphics and logos. Typically, digital signs will cycle through two or more “pages” of messages, changing every five to ten seconds or so.

What Are The Benefits Of Digital Signs?

Illuminated signs generates more impressions than non-lighted signs. Illumination makes a sign stand out against other visual stimuli and it has a greater range of visibility. Furthermore, digital signs can easily be seen at night and in adverse weather, such as rain, fog, and snow. So, even though your digital sign will likely cost more (initially) than an analog sign, it will be seen by more people, thus increasing your chances of attracting new customers.

But there’s more than just illumination that attracts eyes to a digital sign. Often, the messages on a digital sign scroll up and down or side to side. They should remain static long enough to be read, but then they appear to shuffle off the sign. This movement is also effective at attracting people’s attention.

Digital Signs Can Actually Save You Money In The Long Run.

If you have a long message to convey, it might be prohibitively expensive to commission an analog sign large enough to convey the entire message. Furthermore, you can easily reprogram your digital sign whenever you want. With an analog sign, you’d have to buy a whole new sign or at least a new sign panel.


At Signs by D9N Design, we can design, manufacture, install, and repair digital signs for clients in Allendale and elsewhere in West Michigan. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call 1-888-992-1688.


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