7 Outdoor Signs To Consider Installing In West Michigan

7 Outdoor Signs to Consider Installing in West Michigan

You can see a wide variety of outdoor signs all over West Michigan. Learn about seven outdoor signs that could be perfect for your business or property.

1. Channel Letters Are Bright, Three-Dimensional Outdoor Signs.

Channel letters are individually crafted, three-dimensional, illuminated letters. Channel letters are great for spelling out the names of business, thus identifying and promoting them. Because they are illuminated, channel letters have a broader range of visibility than non-lighted signs, and they can easily be seen at night. If, however, you’d prefer a non-lighted option, dimensional letters are pretty much channel letters without the lights.

2. Blade Signs Are Great Outdoor Signs For Drawing Attention To Your Business From Different Angles.

A blade sign juts out perpendicularly to the facade of a business, displaying a sign panel in two opposite directions. Imagine a cafe on a busy but narrow Allendale street. If the cafe is on the north side, people walking, cycling, or driving along the north side might not notice a sign installed on the front face of the cafe. With a blade sign, however, people moving east-to-west, or vice versa, will easily notice the cafe.

3. Monument Signs Are Can Also Increase Your Business’s Visibility.

Many businesses in West Michigan have large parking lots or yards between their business and the nearest street or highway. Because of this, passing drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, might not notice the business or be unable to read any sign installed on the building. However, with a monument sign installed right by the road, people will notice the business without a problem.

4. Pylon Signs Are An Alternative To Monument Signs.

Monument signs are often large, but they’re rarely very tall. Pylon signs are tall, however, so they’re more useful if you want a sign with more height.

5. Tenant Signs Are Similar To Pylon Signs.

A tenant sign is a type of pylon sign with (usually removable) panels that identify and promote multiple businesses that occupy the same property, such as a mini mall.

6. Vehicle Graphics Are A Mobile Outdoor Signs.

If your business utilizes one or more work vehicles, you should consider branding it with your company’s name or logo. This way, you can promote yourself wherever you drive.

7. Window Graphics Can Identify And Promote Your Business.

While technically inside, vinyl lettering or graphics on a front window project outward and can effectively identify and promote your business.

Work With D9N Design For The Perfect Outdoor Sign For You In West Michigan.

At Signs by D9N Design, we can make all the outdoor signs mentioned in this article and more. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call 1-888-992-1688.


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