6 Building Signs To Consider For Your West Michigan Building

6 Building Signs to Consider for Your West Michigan Building

The sign you choose to identify your building says a lot about your business or organization, so here are six great building signs to consider in West Michigan.

1. 3D Sign Lettering

3D sign lettering offers a great way to spell out the name of your business or building. For text-based building signs, 3D letters are a great option. Not only are they noticeable but being three-dimensional allows them to convey more character than text on simple two-dimensional sign panels. You can communicate a fair amount of your brand’s identity with the 3D font you choose.

2. Channel Letters

Channel letters are the same thing as 3D sign lettering, except these 3D letters are illuminated. Lighted signage can be seen from farther away, it’s more attention grabbing, and it’s more visible at night, in the rain, and in the snow.

3. Storefront Window Signage

Window graphics are a great option for businesses that have front windows, such as retail stores or service-based businesses such as barbers, personal finance accountants, and gyms. You can use vinyl lettering to spell out the name of your building or business and you can add a logo, slogan, and other information. You can also use window film to display a full-size image while still being able to see out your window.

4. Vertical Signs

Vertical signs use space in a different way. Because we read left-to-right, most signs are oriented horizontally. But buildings don’t always have room for such signs, especially in busy areas such as downtown Grand Rapids. Such buildings can use vertical signs to display their names.

5. Blade Signs

Blade signs are also great for busy areas. On a busy or narrow street, it can be difficult to see signs installed directly on the face of a building. If a café is on the north side of an Allendale street, those driving, cycling, or even walking east or west may not turn their heads to see the building sign. A blade sign juts out perpendicular to the façade of the building and presents a sign panel in opposite directions, solving this problem.

6. Monument Signs, Pylon Signs, Or Tenant Signs

These signs aren’t installed on buildings at all. Instead, they’re installed near the road. This increases the visibility of buildings, especially if there’s a parking lot or lawn between it and the nearest road.

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