3 Key Facets Of Logo Design

3 Key Facets of Logo Design

Logo design can be incredibly important to the success of businesses and organizations in West Michigan. But it’s also a hard thing to get right. Here are three key facets of logo design you should keep in mind.

1. When It Comes To Logo Design, Negative Space Can Be A Real Positive.

You want a clean design for your logo. This means having a substantive amount of blank space. You might want to cram a lot of information in your logo but remember, less is more. Think of some of the most famous logos in the world: Apple, Adidas, Nike. What do they all have in common? They’re incredibly simple. Empty space can be a great attribute of a great logo, but it takes a great designer to intuit such an effective yet simple design.

2. Good Logo Design Doesn’t Exist In A Vacuum. To Be Effective, Your Logo Must Look Nice And Accurately Represent Your West Michigan Business.

Brand recall is so important for effective logo design that you could argue that it’s actually more important than being aesthetically pleasing. How many classic logos of sports teams can you think of that, if you divorce them from their team association, actually look kind of ugly. But they’re iconic because they represent their team so vividly. You want your logo to be instantly evocative of your West Michigan business. If your brand’s characteristics are fun and creative, your logo should also be fun and creative. It’s good to hire a local designer who’s aware of other prominent logos and images in West Michigan so you can be sure your logo is uniquely yours.

3. It’s Important To Imagine Your Logo In Situ. Sign Designers Know How To Design Logos So They Look Great On Signs.

A logo might look great on paper or on a computer screen, but that doesn’t guarantee it will look great on a real-life sign. A sign designer has a good idea of how your logo will look on a cabinet sign, a blade sign, a sandblasted sign, or any other kind of sign. That’s why the best logo design often comes from sign designers. Sign designers are also adept at designing a whole cohesive sign system.

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At Signs by D9N Design, we have highly skilled designers who can design a striking and unique logo for your West Michigan business. We are located in Allendale, MI, and we are happy serve clients from anywhere in West Michigan. To learn more about logo design, or to learn about any of our other services or products, please contact us via our website or call 1-888-992-1688.


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