What Are The Best Commercial Signs For Small Businesses In West Michigan?

What Are The Best Commercial Signs For Small Businesses In West Michigan?

Because every business is unique, there is no universal “best” commercial sign, but there is a “best” for you, and our commercial sign experts can help you find it.

Read on to learn our top recommendations for businesses with small budgets and small spaces, or call Signs by D9N Design at 1-888-992-1688 to schedule a personalized needs assessment for your commercial signage.

Commercial Signs Matter—But What’s Best For Your Business?

Outdoor advertising studies leave no doubt: commercial signs are the lifeblood of businesses, both big and small. According to research by the International Sign Association, commercial signs are:

  • Your #1 local marketing tool, responsible for 50% or more of your custom base, on average
  • Capable of increasing sales revenue by 5-15% on average
  • The “least expensive and most effective form of advertising”
  • A key part of getting a successful business loan

And that’s not all. Research by the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding also suggests that signs can make or break public perception of your brand, as consumers look to commercial signs as “inferential cues” to make judgments about your business quality and brand character (Kellaris & Machleit, 2016).

Clearly, commercial signs matter, but what style suits your business? That’s a complicated question, and one that is best answered during a free sign needs assessment.

Today’s small business owners are spoiled for choice, with a wide selection of different sign types available to them, ranging from simple vinyl graphics and A-frames, to big-ticket billboards and dynamic digital displays. And while that may sound like a positive, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming, and many local business owners have fallen victim to the paralysis of choice, delaying their sign project for weeks while they research all of their different options, which include:

Ultimately, there is no universal “best” commercial sign option, since every business (and budget) is different. But there is a “best” commercial sign out there for you, and our local sign experts can help you find it.

Today, we’re looking at some of the best commercial signs for small businesses with small spaces and small budgets, but this does not even scratch the surface of our commercial sign catalog. To access our full commercial sign product line, and get a free quote on any order, visit our website or call 1-888-992-1688 to start your consultation.

Best Commercial Signs For Small Spaces (And Small Budgets)

For small businesses with equally small spaces and even smaller budgets, we typically recommend the following commercial sign options:

  • Custom commercial graphics—If your business is blessed with windowed frontage, why not transform those plain panes into high-performance on-premise billboards, capable of generating thousands of daily impressions? Our custom commercial graphics are made with high-quality vinyl; they are completely customizable; and they can stand up to the worst of West Michigan weather. Best of all, they do not require any special permits, they are available for a fraction of the cost of traditional billboards, and they won’t take up any space in your store.

What are the Best Commercial Signs for Small Businesses in West Michigan?

Tired of plain window panes? Contact our commercial sign experts for a “total transformation.”

  • Sandblasted commercial signs—Sandblasted signs strike a perfect balance between aesthetic quality and affordability, using sandblasting technology to create a raised and textured design for a relatively low price. High-density urethane (HDU) is a popular and budget-friendly material option that makes your commercial sign nearly impervious to Michigan’s inclement weather and wear-and-tear, although wood options are available for businesses with bigger budgets and a rustic or natural brand image.

What are the Best Commercial Signs for Small Businesses in West Michigan?

Choose sandblasted commercial signs to add depth and visual interest without expensive lighting or dynamic digital elements.

  • Banners—Custom banners are a great commercial sign option for temporary displays, off-premise advertising, mobile advertising (e.g. trade show displays and pop-up events), and even storefront signage for start-ups. We offer a wide range of vinyl grades and finishes, including an anti-glare matte option that prevents your commercial sign from being washed out by headlights, street lamps, and extra-sunny days.

What are the Best Commercial Signs for Small Businesses in West Michigan?

All three of these commercial sign options are completely customizable and easy to order. They are also effective space-savers for small shops, given that they are capable of being hung overhead or installed on windows they take up none of your precious floor space.

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Kellaris, J. J., & Machleit, K. A. (2016). Signage as marketing communication: A conceptual model and research propositions. Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, 1(1).


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