6 Business Signs To Consider In West Michigan

6 Business Signs to Consider in West Michigan

If you manage or own a business in West Michigan, you know it’s a lot of work. The right signs can help. Here are six business signs to consider installing.

1. Acrylic Signs Are Great Business Signs To Brand Interior Spaces.

Acrylic signs are colorful, sophisticated, and affordable. They are great for lobbies, reception areas, offices, and other interior spaces. Acrylic signs typically display the name of a business along with a logo or slogan.

2. Wall Murals Can Motivate The Staff Of A Business Or Welcome Customers.

A large-scale wall mural can be a powerful visual tool. If you manage an office in Allendale, for example, you can install a wall mural to motivate your team and reinforce the qualities and goals of your company. If own a restaurant in Grand Rapids, you can install digitally-printed wallpaper to immerse your patrons in an enjoyable atmosphere.

3. Cabinet Signs Offer Businesses Several Benefits.

Cabinet signs, also called box signs, are illuminated signs in which the light shines through the back of the sign panel. These signs confer several advantages. First, as illuminated signs, they can be seen from far away, and at night and in the rain or snow. Indoors, they can outcompete other visual stimuli. Furthermore, if you want to change what the sign says, you can simply swap out the sign panel for a new one. You don’t have to buy a whole new sign.

4. LED Signs Are Highly Visible And Allow Businesses To Display A Lot Of Information.

By lighting up different LEDs on a sign board, you can convey different pages of information and scrolling messages. The appearance of movement will attract more eyeballs than a static sign would.

5. Monument Signs And Pole Signs Can Increase The Visibility Of Businesses.

A monument sign or a pole sign installed by the side of the road or highway can increase the visibilities of businesses that have large parking lots or yards between them and the nearest street.

6. ADA Signs Are Important For Businesses.

Depending on your type of business, you may need a number of signs that are ADA compliant. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a 1990 US federal law that has inspired subsequent laws. Without braille and large font on certain signs, your business might be in breach of federal and Michigan state ADA laws, leaving you vulnerable to fines.

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