How Signs Can Create The Perfect Storefront

Your storefront is the face of your West Michigan business. You need it to catch people’s attention, to look inviting, and to represent your business appropriately. How can you achieve all this with storefront signs?

Effective Storefront Signs Do Far More Than Just Identify Your Store.

Besides showing your business location, your storefront needs signage to identify your business. This is true whether you have a fabulously large shopwindow as part of your storefront or just a door in a solid brick façade. You have multiple storefront sign options for your West Michigan business. But it’s not enough for storefront signs to simply identify your store. Yes, that is important, but a good storefront sign can do so much more. First, your storefront sign has to look good. It must look professional, welcoming, and eye-catching. Afterall, you need to get people’s attention to entice them into your business.

But even that’s not enough. Your storefront sign should get people’s attention and identify your business in a way that is on-brand with the rest of your signage and imaging.

Having a consistent image is key to staying in the minds of potential customers. Signs by D9N Design can design and manufacture storefront signs that identify your West Michigan business in a way that is eye-catching and representative of your brand’s identity.

What Are Your Storefront Sign Options?

But what signs are for effective storefronts? Many storefronts have a shopwindow, so that’s a natural place to start. Frosted etchings are great storefront window signs for businesses that want to communicate professionalism and/or modernity. For example, if you manage a small personal finance or tax services in business in Grand Rapids, a frosted window sign displaying the etched-out name of your business would be an excellent choice. For stores that want something more fun, like a candy store in Hudsonville, vinyl decals displaying colorful lettering and graphics would be better.

Then there are perforated vinyl graphics. These can cover the entire surface of a storefront window and still allow people inside to see outside. The small perforations allow for this two-way effect where all people outside see is a solid image. Apart from the window, other storefront sign options include:


Signs by D9N Design can design, manufacture, and install storefront signs for clients in Allendale, Grand Rapids, Marne, and elsewhere in West Michigan. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call 1-888-992-1688.


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