Outdoor Sign Research Review: How To Drive Marketing ROI In Michigan

Outdoor Sign Research Review: How To Drive Marketing ROI In Michigan

Think outdoor signs are just for show? Think again! Today’s post reviews outdoor sign research to highlight the undeniable sales-boosting benefits of quality outdoor sign systems.

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Outdoor Sign Research Review: How Custom Signs Drive Sales

Even in the Internet Age, where advertising technology is becoming more sophisticated and targeted every day, the humble outdoor sign still reigns supreme in terms of marketing return-on-investment (ROI).

Don’t take our word for it—this is borne out by several studies, and it is constantly reaffirmed as new research rolls out.

For example, in one study by the Outdoor Advertising Association, every $1 spent on outdoor signs generated $3 in sales, and in another report by the Signage Foundation, which measured sales at 162 fast-food chain locations, the addition of a single outdoor sign yielded sales increases of 5-15% (Rexhausen et al., 2012).

But that’s not all. Beyond driving sales, research suggests that outdoor signs can:

  • Boost brand image—In the American Shopper Study, nearly half (41.5%) of respondents indicated that they regularly make quality judgments about businesses based on their outdoor sign quality (Kellaris, 2012)
  • Help people learn about your business—In one study commissioned by the US Chamber of Commerce, 50% of survey respondents indicated that they relied primarily on outdoor signs to learn about new local businesses, compared to only 1% through television and radio ads.
  • Increase store traffic—A Q4 2021 report from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America found that customers who saw outdoor signs were 55-75% more likely to visit the brand’s online or physical stores than those who did not.

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Outdoor Sign Research Review: How to Drive Marketing ROI in Michigan

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Kellaris, J. (2012). Further evidence from the BrandSpark / Better Homes and Gardens American Shopper Study: A Longitudinal Update and Extension. Lindner College of Business / University of Cincinnati.

Rexhausen, J., Hildebrandt, G., & Auffrey, C. (2012). The Economic Value of On-premise Signage. Signage Foundation.


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